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​​​F5 Theming & Design, LLC

F5 builders and artisans can craft unbelievable objects and signs.  We have been making props, structures and themed signage for over 20 years.  We can finish your themed environment with all the sign and carpentry accents you need to tie in your company's special fliar throughout the entire experience. 

We also make signs and props stand-alone, so if you need, say a nice troll for some reason, we would gladly design, build, paint and install it!  Our only limitation is your imagination.

F5 master artists and designers can create just about any interior or exterior environment.  Our team has experience in theater sets, ride interiors, exteriors, faux finishes as well as foam sculpture, 3D object painting, rock and natural environments.  We have incredible painters, as well as airbrush, spray paint, and portraiture specialty expertise which amps up our artwork beyond typical painting and theming companies.    If you have a specialty environment with a variety of requirements and want to make it a reality, our team can work with you to design the exact experience you crave.  

Corporate Headquarters
Madison, WI 53037 Phone:   608-445-1982

F5 specializes in theme work of all types.  We have an extensive prop shop and capabilities.  Our chief fabricators and inventors are skilled in fiberglass, urethanes, epoxies, foam, clay, decorative metals, plaster, concrete, acrylics, and more. 

F5 has the ability to also uses state-of-the art 3D printing and design techniques to create forms, and provide accurate replications based on computer generated modeling.   We also make handmade molds, stamps, and sculptures.  We can make just about anything our clients dream up...all we need is your imagination.


Corporate Headquarters  Verona, WI                                                                                                  


F5 sculptors can craft unbelievable rock that will enhance and enrich your themed and natural environments. Our skilled artisans can create a variety of shapes, including whimsical designs such as monsters, sea serpents, castles, pies, candy, huge rock mountains, caves, archways, artificial trees, dungeons, plants, vines, realistic logs, roots, mud banks...well you get the idea.  Our artisans are masters in many materials and techniques that can make your project come to life.  Our artisans' work is featured across the county in projects ranging from museum exhibits, sports centers, aquarium enclosures and theme parks.