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Corporate Headquarters  Verona, WI                                                                                                 



     Aquariums and Zoos                 Museums       

     Theme Parks                               Historic Monuments

     Waterparks                                  Private Commissions

     Playhouses & Theaters              Storefronts

     Casinos                                         Residential

     Corporate Campuses                 Restaurants

     Business Centers                        Sports Centers 

     Hotels & Resorts                         Specialty Attractions 

     Vehicle Theming                         Parade Floats 

  F5 SERVICES​                                              

  • Project  Advisory Services
    F5's participation in projects goes far beyond design.   We provide construction  and materials recommendations, design consulting and cost estimating throughout any phase of the project. We do this so our clients feel secure that building and material choices are in alignment with final art and themed environment designs.  Our experienced team can participate from inception through delivery to consult with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors so that the project delivery and look- and-feel is cohesive.
  • Pre-construction Samples and Models
    F5 believes it is important for clients to see a variety of design options in the form of samples and models.  These steps are integral steps in developing and acceptance to custom, or specialized features.   
  • Coordination of Additional Trades (as needed)​
  • Engineering (as needed)
  • Interior and Exterior Theming
  • ​Facades and Theatrical Sets
  • Prop Fabrication, Construction and / or Acquisition
  • Exhibit Fabrication and Painting
  • Rock Work​ and Carved Concrete 
  • Installation
  • Post-Implementation Maintenance Services
  • If your project requires green options, our team can suggest and provide alternate methods and materials to help you achieve your goals.​